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AS Level Course
A Revision Guide

OCR AS Level Psychology is a course that provides a general introduction to some of the basic concepts used in psychology today. It represents the first year of a 2-year course at A level psychology.

The aim of the course is to teach students about the scientific methods used by psychologists and uses examples contained in 15 studies to help identify the approaches taken. If you are listening to a one-sided debate on the radio or television you know that there will always be a counter-argument and this is true in psychology as well. In fact psychologists have many more ways of looking at things and they have become known as approaches, different ways of explaining the same findings.

Apart from there being different ways of looking at human behaviour there is also the question about what we should study. Do we look at the individual and how he reacts to his environment or should we look at society as a whole? To a large extent it would depend on the answers you are looking for, i.e. football hooliganism, should we investigate the behaviour of the crowd or the individual? Do we change when we become part of a crowd?

For the AS course we look at five approaches:-

There are also two so-called, perspectives we need to consider:

Perhaps you noticed that each of the approaches and the perspective referes to "All behaviour". As you work through this section you will see that, as in real life, not all behaviour can be explained by any one of these approaches or perspectives.