Bach Remedies
Health is our heritage - Edward Bach 1932
Registered Practitioner
Debbie Evans B.F.R.P, COREP
01288 354 868
Contact Debbie Evans who resides in Bude, North Cornwall, for private consultations, or for speaking to interested groups of people.
Bach Remedies: Come under the heading of complementary medicine as providing the small amount of brandy used as a preservative doesn’t interfere with a persons medication, they can be used when taking whatever your doctor has prescribed for you.
The remedies are selected according to whatever mental emotion is being experienced, and not by a physical condition. It is how your physical ailment is impacting on your emotional personality that is taken into account. Dr Bach always said “that the mind is the most sensitive part of our being and will always register change before the body does”. Therefore, by bringing the mind back into harmony, the body will respond, and this then makes us feel much more comfortable with ourselves.